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Centering, Reorganizing and Taking Care of Clients Virtually at Sacred Salon

Sacred Salon owner, Christina Bowers is among the many business owners in the beauty, wellness and lifestyle industries who’ve gotten involved in the work they do to help people feel good. Now with social distancing measures in place, it’s impossible to offer routine salon services. 
“Had any of us realized we would be needing to close our clients would have flooded in to be taken care of beforehand. My initial concern was how to keep the many different bills paid to keep Sacred Salon open for when we returned,” she said. 
Bowers is among the rest of small business owners being forced to adapt on a daily basis, change expectations and plans, to navigate the many new laws and aid that becomes available. 
“We haven’t received any support from the loans and aid programs that have become available but we’ve applied for anything applicable.” After we posted a GoFundMe the 'forgivable' loans were announced, so now we’ll be donating any excess to the Sierra Community House (the new home of Tahoe Safe Alliance). I feel strongly that we need to give what we can and pay it forward to counteract the self-preservation, fear-response that naturally arises in a time like this. So many have it much worse than we do.” 

Stylists help their clients feel their best. All images courtesy of Sacred Salon.
Strategic Pivots in Operations

In times of stress, the moments in which we feel good are essential to navigating through tougher times. Bowers immediately ordered extra color and supplies to make hair color kits and help clients blend their own roots, so they could feel good at home. 
A delay in nationwide product order fulfillment set her back a few weeks but she is now happily making custom color kits and delivering them at safe social distance. She offers a virtual consultation and enough non-toxic hair color for around the face and part, to keep it easy. 
“Most immediately I saw clients responding to my posts that led to sincere connections, which are what I love most about my job. Next, I’m finding that as people are finding time to center and care for themselves, they are willing to try to help themselves look better and feel better during a time many of us are feeling a bit anxious.” 
Bowers is learning iMovie for video editing and has created a YouTube channel to feature at-home hair tutorials and self-care tips. She is ramping-up social media posts to stay connected to Sacred Salon clients and has added an online product store to her social media pages and website.

Bowers quickly created root touch-up and skincare kits for clients.
Tips for Small Business Owners 

Reach Out to the Experts: Don’t try to take on too much, let the experts help and don’t be afraid to delegate your weaknesses.  
“Having a financial or business consultant and an attorney has been extremely helpful and comforting. Navigating pounds of forms is not my forte and my financial advisor and accountant has even filled out some loan applications for me. I’m extremely grateful. Delegating my weaknesses to those who find these tasks easy to do is essential.” 
Practice Compassion: Not just small business owners but everyone, especially now, should try to manage the many different emotions and mindsets of fearful contractors, employees and others around us. 
“Forgiving yourself and forgiving those around us for doing or saying things out of fear or heightened emotions is essential right now. Don’t beat yourself up. But do take the time to take notes, stay organized, and plan what you are going to say to sensitive coworkers/employees before entering into conversations with them, so that you are sure to say the comforting things they need to hear.” 
Looking Forward: We’re in this Together 

Bowers has embraced this time to deep-clean and reorganize her business. 
“Usually there aren’t many chances for me to work in my salon without anyone else in there doing hair and I’m super grateful to have this opportunity to do the work I’m usually unable to have time for.” 
She foresees a surge in business once we are allowed back to work but is also prepared to be more conservative than usual in case she needs to close again or if clients aren’t able to support the salon as much as before. 
“I’m working on several plans to keep my stylists supported and thriving when we arrive back to work.” 
Moving forward, she will make more time in her schedule for office work and already has methods in place to implement the new operations standards she’s set. 

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