Success Stories: EATS Cooking Co. Casts a Rainbow of Positivity

Tommy Adkins, chef and owner at EATS Cooking Co. describes his company as diversified; he’s always done anything he needed to in the best interest of his business.
Owner Tommy Adkins serves up healthy means and positive vibes.

“With a wife and two ‘and-a-half’ kids, I’ve always cooked anywhere. Anywhere there needs to be food, I’m there,” he said. 
Adkins’ mission behind EATS is to offer dining with ingredients that improve environmental and ethical concerns. Their simple dishes use whole foods sourced responsibly and prepared fresh. 
EATS Cooking Co. Thai Vegetable Curry Bowl

Typically, the EATS food truck rolls out to serve crowds at events and festivals. Since COVID-19 and the onslaught of event cancellations for the foreseeable future, Adkins decided to shift operations to the food truck full-time on May 23. 
“We pivoted quickly and I hope to continue to work the food truck full-time. Honestly, just having this income stream while the whole world is shut down has been huge,” Adkins said. 

EATS Cooking Co. Food Truck is open seven days a week in front of Tahoe Dave's.

Adkins’ wife runs a local photography business and learned about the Resilience Fund platform making funds available to small business owners to improve and grow their operations. 
“I had already applied for the PPP, so I had everything – all the documents from my accountant – ready to go. [The Resilience Fund application process] was smooth operating, 100%. I spent like, less than an hour with the process,” he said. 
Soon after being contacted by his consultant from Sierra Business Council to begin the Resilience Fund loan process, he learned that he was qualified for the PPP loan. 

He called his contact at SBC to ask her to please forget about his initial need and instead leave his approved funds, so they’d be available for another business in need who may not have gotten PPP. 
Then, out of nowhere and on the same day, Adkins received a bill for repairs totaling over $8,000. He called his consultant back and asked if he could resume the Resilience Fund loan after all. She let him know that wouldn’t be a problem and got his funds dispersed quickly.

The EATS Cooking Co. Food Truck has plans to create an even more welcoming atmosphere.
“I felt like I could breathe. I had these capital-intensive repairs out of nowhere and I had the PPP but got that $8,000 bill on the same day. Getting the Resilience Fund loan took a stormy day and provided an umbrella, so I could weather it,” Adkins said. 
Once the pandemic has subsided, the Resilience Fund can act as it was designed – to provide funds to the local small business community, so they can expand their business. Adkins says he would use the program again and recommends it to others 100% because it’s such a good deal for the business owner, compared to typical high-interest programs. 
Since receiving funds, Adkins and his team has been supplying hungry patrons with tasty, healthy meals Wednesday-Sunday from 12-6 p.m. from the parking lot in front of Tahoe Dave’s downtown. 
EATS Cooking Co. is open for online and walk-up orders.

The EATS Cooking Co. team shows up each day to establish a vibrant environment with high quality food and an uplifting atmosphere. They want it to be an uplifting place for people to unwind, enjoy nutritious meals and find a sense of community.  
“We’re setting up AstroTurf, picnic tables and a PA system – it’s going to be awesome. A lot of people are struggling right now. They’ve lost a significant chunk that they worked for. We are here trying to be a rainbow of positivity for everyone,” Adkins said.  

EATS Cooking Co. Food Truck 

Order in-person or online: 
Location: Tahoe Dave’s parking lot | 10200 Donner Pass Rd., Truckee 
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12 p.m. -6 p.m. 

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