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Success Stories: Golden Rotisserie Open for Business

Customers cycled through the socially-distant pickup line during a busy lunch hour.

The lunchtime scene at newly-reopened Truckee hotspot, Golden Rotisserie, showed a busy parking lot and folks queuing in line -- six-feet apart -- leading to the front door pickup.  

Customers and employees upheld social distance and cleaning guidelines as a continuous crowd of excited lunch goers cycled through; each group echoing their own versions of, “dude, their burritos are so good.”

A local-favorite, the Golden Rotisserie chicken burrito, image courtesy of Golden Rotisserie.

Golden reopened their doors for takeout orders on May 1 after following state business closure guidelines in order to keep their staff and customers safe. 

While the family owners knew they were doing the right thing, it was a tough decision to make and they felt the financial strain. Like so many businesses in the food and beverage industry, their operations came to an unexpected halt and they were forced to lay off employees. 

“We wanted to close down for a short time because we didn’t want to contribute to crowds gathering inside the restaurant, just trying to protect staff and customers,” owner Sergio Rubio said. 

They made use of their temporary closure time by cleaning the restaurant and reworking operations for a takeout-only model. Keeping their ears to the ground for relief opportunities, Rubio’s business partner came across the Resilience Fund - Sierra, which gave them the support they needed to outlast their closure and reopen with confidence. 

“We’re very grateful, the [Resilience Fund] team has been great. We’re especially grateful from a moral standpoint - that they were willing to help the community morally, not just financially. We’ve gotten help along with other businesses and we are very grateful,” Rubio said. 

Eager lunch goers wait for their turn to pick-up their phone orders.

Coming up on one month reopened, the Golden Rotisserie team says they’ve seen a positive response from customers and are working at a decent volume. Although state guidance allows for reduced indoor seating capacity, the Golden team says they’re erring on the side of caution.

“Customers are glad to see us open again and have missed the restaurant being open. We can have a minimum seating capacity but we’re more on the conservative side and will continue with to-go orders only for a while, just so there are no worst-case scenarios,” Rubio said. 

Golden Rotisserie will maintain their to-go-only model for safety.

Rubio describes his experience with the Resilience Fund as being user-friendly and says he felt supported by the team in the process of getting funded. On the other side of the pandemic, they say they would use the Resilience Fund to enhance their operations and continue to grow their business. 

“[Running the business during the pandemic] has been very hectic but we’re glad we’ve been able to keep a positive attitude and stay on top of our major priority of safety. We’re glad to be open again,” Rubio said. 

Golden Rotisserie  

Operations: To-go orders only 
Phone: (530) 587-4847
Location: 11357 Donner Pass Rd., Truckee 
Hours: 10:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. 

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