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For Business Owners Preparing to Reopen

The Forbes Guide to Reopening recommends business owners begin reopening or expanding operations by, “laying the groundwork ahead of time, reopening carefully and monitor changes as they evolve.” 
Monitor your region’s guidelines: Opening phases vary by region and are based on monitoring the virus in different areas. Here is an update as of May 19 on California’s reopening guidance
Stay in touch with your clientele: Even while your business is closed, it’s important to stay relevant with your customer base. If your business requires scheduling services, communicate with your clientele, so you aren’t overwhelmed with appointments once you are open. 
Capture email addresses: Get new customer email addresses, so you can communicate reopening information to them and gain their business. 
Use signage: Putting up signs letting the community know you’re open can help customers navigate their options. 
Stay in touch with your employees: Maintain communication with laid-off workers to determine whether they will return to work or if you’ll need to rehire any positions. 
Reach out to your vendors: Will you be able to rely on all of the things you need to reopen? Communicate with your vendors to prepare ahead of time for any potential shortages. 
Distance and cleaning guidelines: Have a plan in place for maintaining social distance or installing barriers where possible in your business. New protocol for reopened business limits the number of employees to one for every 300 square feet of space. Create a plan to routinely clean high-traffic surfaces. Consider whether you’ll need to stagger work schedules, allocate more sick time and potentially hire for a new position managing new sanitary guidelines.  

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